Can Character AI Retain Conversations, and Can Creators Access Your Chats?

The guide outlines Character AI, a chatbot service allowing interaction with virtual characters. It covers functionality, free usage, chat history storage, privacy concerns, saving chats, troubleshooting tips, privacy policy, safety measures, security settings, and concludes by clarifying Character AI as an AI program.

Character AI is a popular alternative to ChatGPT, allowing users to create chatbots and engage in conversations. It saves chat history, but there are concerns about privacy and security. While chats are usually private, the company may access them if necessary. Users can manage saved chats and report issues with saving conversations. It’s advisable to take precautions, such as using strong passwords and being cautious about sharing personal information. Overall, Character AI is an automated system and not a real person, but it mimics human-like conversations through AI technology.

What is Character AI and how does it work?

Character AI, also known as, is an AI chatbot service that allows users to engage in text conversations with virtual characters. Created by the developers of LaMDA, Character AI enables users to interact with characters that can also generate images. Users can provide feedback to help improve the AI’s conversational abilities. The service initially began on the website but has since expanded to include mobile applications.

Does Character AI save chats?

Yes, Character AI saves chats, allowing users to access their conversation history and continue chatting with characters they’ve interacted with before. However, it’s worth noting that company employees can potentially read any chat initiated on Character AI, as the chats are not encrypted like WhatsApp messages.

Can Character AI creators see users’ chats?

In normal circumstances, chats with AI characters on Character AI are private unless shared publicly. Character AI creators typically cannot see private chats unless they are made public. However, there are exceptions; if users violate website rules, creators may read chats without permission. Additionally, accounts on the Character AI site may not be very secure, potentially allowing for hacking into them to access chats.

How can users fix Character AI chats that are not saving?

To address Character AI chats that are not saving, users can try several solutions:

  1. Delete the Cache in Your Browser: Clearing the browser’s cache can resolve issues caused by accumulated unnecessary data.
  2. Log Out and Log In: Sometimes, logging out and back in can resolve loading issues with the account.
  3. Update the App: Updating the Character AI app on iOS and Android devices may resolve problems with lost or deleted messages.
  4. Verify the Connection to the Internet: Ensure a stable internet connection as interruptions can prevent chats from saving.
  5. Inform Character AI of the Issue: Users can email [email protected] to report disappearing chats, providing a clear explanation for better chances of resolution.
  6. Use an Alternative Browser: Trying a different browser like Edge, Brave, or Safari may help retain old chats and ensure proper saving of new ones.
  7. Update Your Browser: Installing available updates for the browser can also help resolve issues with Character AI functionality.

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